Welcome To PSMJ
We offer accounting and bookkeeping services to multiple sectors and assist businesses by providing expert financial and management advice and services to our clients.
Welcome To PSMJ
We advise, offer consultation, keep financial records, help you with financial transactions, deals, loan finding and approval, etc.
Welcome To PSMJ
We analyse annual financial statements and vital business returns for you. We also engage in wage and salary preparations, advise you on start-ups and assist you with loans and corporate health checks.
Welcome To PSMJ
We also help you with compliance and audits and analyse your management and financial reports. Here is what more you can expect from us.
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Business services

What you can expect from services at PSMJ Accountants?

  1. When you choose to hire us for any kind of solutions and services, here is what you can expect.  
  2. Once we have analysed the case properly, we then guide you through a proposed action plan and manage your project or account properly.
  3. We submit documents, contracts and invoices securely and maintain confidentiality
  4. We also review data for quality check.
  5. We help you discover and identify the inefficiencies in your operational and financial processes and suggest you ways to rectify them.
  6. We offer you smart business continuity plans and let you enjoy access to our safe and secure web portal.
  7. We first arrange a session to discuss your requirements and any kind of vital documentation that you need to share.
  8. We execute agreement and contract accordingly.
  9. We are also involved in processing of documents, data or transactions by our professional business and accounting team.
  10. We learn and analyse the nuances of your corporate and business.
  11. We help you maximise your system efficiency by performing system integrations.
  12. Some of the major services we offer to our clients are bookkeeping, accounting, invoice processing, tax processing, cash flow management, financial analysis, payroll processing, financial analysis.
We will take care of your accounting and administrative services and take the load off you.

We work with businesses to identify growth pathways, maximise profit and efficiency and determine the resource mix required to support strategic objectives. We also have company representation service and attending meetings with or without company representative. We works closely with clients to provide leadership and expertise on an as needs basis, either complementing the skills of the management group in a certain area or being able to provide a completely new perspective.

It is a well-known fact that most of the start-up businesses have limited resources, which is the reason why such entrepreneurs should hire accountant. While setting up a new business you can save yourself money in the short term but getting the business structure right at the start is very important. At PSMJ, we provide Financial & Management accounting,Taxation accounting,Financial analysis of financial statements with ratio analysis and report writing services.

At PSMJ, we provide complete bookkeeping services, Profit & Loss/ Balance Sheet, General Ledger Accounts,Accounts payable /receivable data entry and management. We especially ensure that your records are stored in compliance with the current legislation and that they reflect an accurate position of your business’s financial activities. Accurate record-keeping is legislated by State and Federal bodies and it is essential that they are stored as mandated by government to avoid costly penalties.

Whatever the size of your business, you can benefit from our expertise in all areas of financial and management accounting, business planning, or business development. It is our team’s unique experience, industry knowledge, technical know-how and perspectives on different business issues that help our customers have a strong business advantage in the industry, while focusing more on the urgent needs of their business. With the access of a global network of industry experts, we have deep-rooted business knowledge and compliance expertise to help our customers stay one step ahead. We serve our customer companies throughout the business life cycle and help them become stronger and smarter through our customized services and resources.

We service your business anywhere in Victoria – we come to you anywhere in Melbourne, the metro area and throughout the State! We believe together we can solve all the problems and thus share a common purpose of empowering change while making an impact that matters globally. We aim to create positive outcomes for our clients, communities, and people.

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