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PSMJ Accountants & Bookkeepers offers a full range of Accounting Bookkeeping and Business Advisory services to meet the diverse needs of various types of businesses. We advise, offer consultation, keep financial records, help you with financial transactions, deals, loan finding and approval, etc. We analyse annual financial statements and vital business returns for you. We also engage in wage and salary preparations, advise you on start-ups and assist you with loans and corporate health checks. We also help you with compliance and audits and analyse your management and financial reports. Here is what more you can expect from us.

What you can expect from services at PSMJ Accountants?

  1. 1.    When you choose to hire us for any kind of solutions and services, here is what you can expect.  

    2.    Once we have analysed the case properly, we then guide you through a proposed action plan and manage your project or account properly.

    3.    We submit documents, contracts and invoices securely and maintain confidentiality

    4.    We also review data for quality check.

    5.    We help you discover and identify the inefficiencies in your operational and financial processes and suggest you ways to rectify them.

    6.    We offer you smart business continuity plans and let you enjoy access to our safe and secure web portal.

    7.    We first arrange a session to discuss your requirements and any kind of vital documentation that you need to share.

    8.    We execute agreement and contract accordingly.

    9.    We are also involved in processing of documents, data or transactions by our professional business and accounting team.

    10. We learn and analyse the nuances of your corporate and business.

    11. We help you maximise your system efficiency by performing system integrations.

    12. Some of the major services we offer to our clients are bookkeeping, accounting, invoice processing, tax processing, cash flow management, financial analysis, payroll processing, financial analysis.When you choose to hire us for any kind of solutions and services, here is what you can expect.



At PSMJ, we intend to make business owners and other professionals in top management get in touch with their finances in a way that would assist them to make business decisions to the best of their abilities.
At PSMJ, our objective is to change the way a business tediously tried to fulfil its financial obligations. We want to move towards a future where being financially informative.


At PSMJ Accountants, function as your professional back office service keeping you updated with all your accounting and bookkeeping work. We have a dedicated, well trained and efficient team that understands your needs and ensure quality standards for you with a quick turnaround time.

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